● Automatic Sliding and Swing Gates
● Custom Metal Fabrication
● Personalized Architectural Designs

● Residential and Commercial

● Yard Entry and Pedestrian Gates 

Using steel frames also solve problems associated with 100% wood designs such as sagging, warping, or weather damage. Steel frames are highly durable, held together with welds, support adjustable hinges, and utilize a turnbuckle assembly which will keep them straight and level for a lifetime. 

Steel fabrication also simplifies our ability to create a yard entry or walk gate to match your existing fence.


Our promise

● Service, Repair, and Upgrades

● Card Reader, Intercom, Keypad, or Mobile Phone Access Control

● UL 325 Entrapment-Protection Upgrades

We produce dependable steel gate designs!

At Automatic Gate Operations, we provide our customers with high quality residential and commercial steel gate designs. We will fabricate a gate to your engineered drawing, or take a picture you found online, personalize it to your application, and turn it into a reality. We understand gates are not simply for security, but also to add that personal design to your home or commercial property.

At Automatic Gate Operations we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. To prove it we add an extra year to the industry standard 1-year warranty. We provide a 2-year warranty on parts and labor for all new Automatic Gate installations. In addition to we will provide the first annual maintenance for all new Automatic Gate installations free of charge.